Our specialist rehabilitation facilities

By Honor Coulter | rehabilitation, training

As well as the innovative kennel designs that are a feature of our adoption centres, Dogs Trust has three centres which incorporate specialist buildings designed to help dogs with particular behavioural needs. Evesham and Loughborough have specialist rehabilitation units, where dogs are housed in a calm, predictable environment with large kennels that do not overlook others, each with an individual compound where they receive enrichment and training. These facilities are staffed to enable intensive rehabilitation work to be carried out, as well as plenty of enrichment and social contact where this is beneficial for the dogs.  

 Two of our centres (Salisbury and Loughborough) have facilities to keep dogs housed together in groups in larger spaces. These facilities enable us to gradually work with dogs which benefit from lots of social contact with other dogs, but need space from people.  These specialist facilities ensure that we can make every possible effort to maximise the welfare dogs in our care and are very much a result of our non-destruction policy.

 Finally, many of our rehoming centres have a purpose built training barn or training hall, enabling our staff to give the dogs training, fun and games and exercise, no matter how bad the weather becomes!