Research Ethics

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Prior to any study commencing, any research that is proposed by the research team at Dogs Trust is subject to ethical review by an Ethical Review Board. Ethical review involves considering the welfare of both participating dogs and people, in order to ensure that their interests are protected. Dogs Trust’s Ethical Review Board is a group of technical and lay representatives, including one or more individuals who are not Dogs Trust employees.  All representatives are independent reviewers, thus they have no connection to the team proposing the research. The reviewers are charged with ensuring that the proposed research conforms to ethical standards as recognised by the wider welfare, academic and regulatory sectors.

When considering whether to grant ethical approval for the proposed research, several factors are comprehensively discussed, including, but not limited to: ensuring the well-being of any dogs about which information is collected; the method by which any data will be collected; the number of dog and human participants; the process of obtaining informed consent from participants; and arrangements for communicating any research findings with participants.

Further information

For more information on the Ethical Review Process, please contact the research team ( if you have any queries about the research ethics process at Dogs Trust