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We are a dynamic team offering puppy, adolescent , adult and rescue dog training classes from Dogs Trust Kenilworth Rehoming Centre, as well as Birmingham locations.

We are passionate about the work we do with people and dogs from all walks of life.  We seek to provide support and care to owners, enabling them to learn more about their dogs needs and the use of positive training methods, to equip their canine companion with the skills for a successful and happy family life.  After all, we believe a happy dog makes a happy owner!

We offer a fun, accessible and interactive environment to support deepening the bond between owner and dog.


Our classes

Tuesday (50 mins)

17:15, 18:15 and 19:15

Dogs Trust Kenilworth, CV8 1NP

Wednesday (50 mins)

17:15, 18:15 and 19:15

Great Barr War Memorial Hall, B43 7BD

Friday (50 mins)

13:30, 14:30 and 15:30

Marston Green Parish Hall, Elmdon Road, B37 7BT

Saturday (50 mins)

09:30, 10:30, 11:30, 12:30 and 13:30

Dogs Trust Kenilworth, CV8 1NP

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Trainers' profiles

Joshua has spent the last 4 years working with a small animal veterinary hospital as a veterinary nurse.  Whilst working within a veterinary practice, he the took time in helping dogs who didn’t really enjoy their trips to the vet.  Joshua is happy to help you during the handling element of Dog School classes to come up with some fun ways to make vet visits more enjoyable for your dog!

Along with his day-to-day duties at the vets, Joshua ran 'Puppy Parties', which consisted of teaching socialisation and handling techniques, ensuring that owners had a good starting point for training and enabling puppies to have new experiences in a controlled environment.

At home, Joshua has a retired Greyhound called Sonny, who turned 8 in October.  Sonny loves nothing more than lounging on the sofa, sporting many coats for the bad British weather and training for any type of food!  Sonny prompted Joshua's initial interest in canine training, due to the patience, understanding and bond-building they have developed together.   When Sonny came home from the rescue centre, he was not toilet trained, so Joshua knows first-hand how difficult this training can be and he is ready to help you!

 With all of this experience, Joshua aims to provide a relaxed, rewarding and fun approach to training; building the bond between you and your dog.

Whilst at sixth form, Kayleigh spent her weekends volunteering at a dog training school in her local area leading classes for owners and their dogs and teaching various life skills. During this time she completed a dog psychology course, where her interests in dog training grew.


Kayleigh went on to study Animal Science BSc at the University of Nottingham and in her spare time she walked local dogs. She went on to achieve a masters in Global Wildlife Health and Conservation from University of Bristol.


After graduating, Kayleigh gained a job in a pet nutrition centre. Here she has been training both cats and dogs to be fit for life in the centre.

Ross started working in rescue in 2014, when he decided on a change of career in the hope to make a difference. He has been learning about dogs ever since. During the last 5 years Ross has worked at 2 different rescue centres handling over 500 different dogs. During this time, he particularly enjoyed following training programmes for under socialised dogs to help them be rehomed and learning the different training techniques.


Ross has his own Dalmatian called Bryn who is now 5 years old. He has had him since he was 9 months as a rescue meaning he dealt first hand with lots of unwanted behaviours including mouthing and destructiveness. This helped him to learn about positive reinforcement and develop his skills one-on-one with Bryn. He is very passionate about promoting positive reinforcements and the benefits it has for the dog and the owner.

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