A success story!

by Katie Scott-Dyer // August 2017

This is Gizmo, the Beagle.

Isn’t he gorgeous!

Gizmo’s story:

A few short weeks ago, his owners were frustrated at how little attention he paid them in the home, making it difficult for them to train him. He pulled on the lead, demand barked (especially if they had a tennis ball on them), and knew where all the neighbourhood cats were or had ever been and would get transfixed on them. At 7 years old, they thought they would never be able to teach him things they wanted to! Gizmo was being treated for separation anxiety by a behaviourist and she suggested they try our classes to help them learn how to train him, increase his focus on them in the home and boost his mental stimulation.

So, they signed up for our classes and we are so happy they did!

How we helped Gizmo:

Gizmo barely registered that his owners were with him in class and he was much more interested in sniffing out where his tennis had been. Typical Beagle I hear you say!

We went back to basics with Gizmo in his first class, helping his owners teach him a strong reflex to his name and being on his mat (this first class he just stood on it). Then as the weeks progressed we helped with his basic training as per the class content and we even helped with his focus on them while cats were around by using our stuffed stooge cat, Stretch!

Each week they mentioned how he was getting better, partly because their marker timing was so good and delivery of the rewards it was incredible to witness. Their understanding of the learning theory and applying it to him was amazing, he couldn’t have asked for better owners and the results spoke for themselves. They admitted they saw his potential to succeed at what we were teaching and made sure they put in the time with him between classes. Dedicated owners or what!

We received the photo of him not only on his settle mat at home, but fast asleep on it! This thrilled us no end and to hear how well he is doing is very rewarding for us as a team. We love receiving updates from our students!

And the best news of all?

They want to improve on what they had started and have signed up for another set of classes with us at a different venue. How cool is that?

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