Settle - Why it’s good to learn!

by Katie Scott-Dyer // February 2018

Settle - Why it’s good to learn!

This could be one of the most effective protocols to teach your dog; that when you do nothing, so do they! 


Learning to do nothing and not bug you constantly!

Think about all those times when you have been trying to watch your favourite TV program or the football match of the season, or you are trying to work at your desk in your home office and would like to do those things while your dog settles down.


Teach your dog to settle and you can do all that, it's totally achievable.

 Here's the rub. They can't do it unless you teach them and for this to be most effective, they need to learn this for themselves. Sounds like a paradox, right! No cue or command is needed for this exercise. You doing nothing is the clue to them as to what is expected of them, in the beginning, the settle mat is the clue, but ultimately, we will be teaching them 

Or maybe when you want to go to the pub for meal with family or while on holiday, wouldn't it be nice to be able to go to lots of places and relax with your dog while you enjoy a pint or afternoon tea, or watch a movie at home, prep a meal or do some work that when you are sitting and relaxing somewhere, this is the clue that they relax too.

Sounds simple, right? Well, it kind of is actually, but there is a knack that could mean we change our behaviour a bit to help them learn this for themselves. It's called IGNORING attention seeking behaviours! This really helps your dog out, mentally speaking.

Why is this good for your dog?

Teaching them to switch off when you do can help your dog become calmer, reduce attention seeking behaviours and therefore frustration and even anxiety. It helps them learn this good skill for themselves, to not beg and us bribe them to be quiet, and gives them an off switch too. And it’s good for you both because they can travel to all the wonderful dog friendly venues we have locally!

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