Getting a new rescue dog 2

by Katie Scott-Dyer // October 2017

Here at Dog School Bristol headquarters, we are proud to have become new parents to 2 rescue dogs, both of whom have been coming to work as office dogs since their adoption.

And now, meet Keiko!

 This stunning beast is a Shephard mix and was adopted from the Dogs Trust by our regional clinical behaviourist, Sezan and her partner Chris. Sezan was very careful in her selection of a suitable dog for their new home and their lifestyles. Sezan often works away as part of her job and Chris hoped to arrange flexible working hours. Keiko was initially frustrated at being home alone, but Sezan put a plan into place to allow him the time to settle as well as teaching him that being home alone for short periods was normal and as predicted Kongs for Kei. She used technology to view him while he was in a different room or while she was at the office, which helped the process enormously, so she could see what he was doing at any point of the day.

He now settles happily while they work or relax and accompanies them to various other places.


After a few weeks of settling in at his new home, he became an occasional office dog and behaved very well. He liked pretending to be relaxed whilst learning ‘settle’ on his mat, and leaning on you then falling to the floor for a tummy tickle. He is a big goof, and gets into mischief occasionally but is very sweet.

Keiko is a youngster and has been enjoying his training with his new family, he can be a bit excitable so part of his training has been to slowly acclimatise him to novel surroundings and contexts which includes classes with us and potentially working trials in the future.

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