Dogs Trust and Dog School!

by Katie Scott-Dyer // November 2017

Dogs Trust and Dog School!

Our main objective at Dog School is to empower new puppy owners with the skills and knowledge to raise a well-behaved dog and avoid entering the rescue system. Call it a preventative measure if you will. But we also like to help dogs who have been fortunate enough to find themselves rehomed, either through Dogs Trust rehoming centres or other rescues, and enable the new adopters to keep those dogs in their homes, avoiding reentering the rescue system.


Renèe was just one of those dogs who had been adopted by her new owners, and was suitable for classes. Renèe was a lurcher, who came to us via her training and behaviour advisor (TBA) at our rehoming centre in Harefield, London and when she came into class we all fell for her sweet disposition and shyness. During the first week she would not settle, instead preferring to observe class from the front of her pod, she would occasionally regale us with a lurcher song, and although she didn’t settle on her mat, we allowed her time and space to relax in her own time.

 It’s not about pushing dogs or owners to do what we ask, it’s about giving them choices to learn for themselves what works to get what they want or need.

So this time and space we gave Renèe meant that over the 5 weeks she attended our classes, she blossomed and relaxed and participated in the class in her own way and we were thrilled the first time she felt comfortable enough to lie down on her bed! You should have seen us when she played with her owner, it was magical and we all had a little something in our eyes. Mind you, Alice’s tales of what Renèe got up to at home made us giggle and laugh out loud sometimes, she sounded like a real character and the love and humour Alice and her family had when they shared these tales shone through and that for us is what makes our jobs so worthwhile, when owners make achievements and enjoy their dogs.

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