Getting a new rescue dog

by Katie Scott-Dyer // October 2017

Here’s Dog School Bristol headquarters, we are proud to have become new parents to 2 rescue dogs, both of whom have been coming to work as office dogs since their adoption.

Meet Hector.


He has been adopted by Bristol coach, Maria. He is a lurcher and a very sweet guy. At Dog School, we focus primarily on puppies but we do love rescue dogs too and it can be a daunting time for all, bringing home a new addition to the family.

Maria had visited Hector several times before trialing him at her home, to see if he would be a good fit for her lifestyle. We work staggered hours and sometimes 12+ hours per day, so any dog she adopted would need to be comfortable being home alone for a few hours per day.

She had pre-arranged a professional dog walker to care for him on the occasions she was unable to go home and has plenty of willing friends who can help out, plus we can bring our dogs to the office occasionally. Luckily, Maria had the foresight to buy a house literally around the corner from our offices so she can go home on a lunch break to see to him! We know it’s not something everyone can do, but these are the kinds of considerations to make when choosing to share your life with a pet, especially a social species such as dogs.

Maria also chose his temperament carefully too, as much as this be done in a rescue setting; she needed a chilled out, easy going dog who got on with other dogs as well as people. Bristol, especially where our offices are, is heavily built up and highly populated both dogs and people.

 Hector has settled in beautifully and he and Maria thoroughly enjoy jaunts in the countryside together and with his friends too. He will soon be joining us for classes to continue his learning!

 Part 2 next time, will be Sezan’s Keiko.