Arrrrr it’s a pirate life ere in Brizzle

by Katie Scott-Dyer // September 2017

Arrrrr it’s a pirate life 'ere in Brizzle!

Head coach Katie loves getting dressed up and swears it’s all for the puppies!

In our puppy and dog training classes, we often dress up in strange outfits. And we actively encourage our owners to do the same too! What for?

For the puppies, of course! Helping puppies to socialize to life and all its quirks, by mindfully exposing them to unusual items of clothing and attire. Such as pirate outfits. Because you never know when they may meet a pirate in their future, this IS Bristol after all, and we want to prepare them. And it’s a bit of fun...!

Bristol’s rich maritime heritage comes with its tales of pirates, arrrrr, sailing the seven seas smuggling rum and pieces of eight. Naughty pirates! Should owners plan to take their dogs to the Harbourside Festival (usually occurs the first week of the school summer holidays), then they may come across people dressed for re-enactments, as part of their uniform or simply for fun.

Owners themselves may be the ones dressing up! Not just for Harbour Fest, but for the balloon fiesta, or a Friday night out, or a fancy-dress party at Halloween or Christmas, or children dressing up for World Book Day. Katie’s daughter dressed up as the Cat in the Hat one year for World Book Day which included an enormous red and white hat, but because our dogs were used to us dressing up, it didn’t worry them at all!

Unusual clothing need not be confined to fun stuff - it may form an essential part of your normal work or leisure wear. Horse riders for instance, often wear hi-viz clothing when out hacking, along with safety helmets, as do bike riders. Maybe your partner wears hi-viz while working on bin lorries, or the armed forces. Perhaps you need to wear a hard hat on a building site or when having builders work on your house, your pup may react to the workers if they’ve never seen someone in a hat and safety goggles before. You might even be into cos play and create your own outfits!

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