Cool stuff for hot dogs in class

by Katie Scott-Dyer // July 2017

Cool stuff for hot dogs in class

During our recent heatwave, we had to ensure the welfare of the puppies and dogs in our classes. At one venue in particular it was hottest of all our venues (not just in terms of the temperature that day), the training room itself is in full sunlight with floor to ceiling windows and is fairly small, so we ensured there was plenty of damp towels for them to lie on, lots of water available and paddling pools (well we improvised with washing up bowls and flexi buckets!) and gave them lots and lots of breaks during the exercises.

As we don’t have access to fridges or freezers, we couldn’t freeze some chew toys or make ‘pupsicles’ for the pups, but dampening their heads slightly helped them stay cool, as well as lying on the floors and not their bedding. One dog had the novel idea of dipping his tail into his water bowl!

We also didn’t ask the dogs to be too active during the exercises parts of class, so loose leads and recalls were a good opportunity to practice name recognition under distraction…the heat being one distractions and us humans fanning ourselves with paper being another! The rewards for this game was sausage bobbing!

Each dog had their own shallow bucket, a piece of sausage was put in the cool water and the dogs happily retrieved the sausage. Om noms!

The class seemed to go quickly as it was so much fun, even when sat outside on a grassy patch in a shaded area under a tree, with the dogs lying on their damp towels while we delivered our key messages for the lesson to the pups’ owners.

If you want to bring your pup to our classes for fun learning games like these, then give us a call on the dog and phone 07393 140406 or email us