New beginnings at Dog School Bristol

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Meet Katie...

As the new Head Coach at Dog School Bristol, I came into an established team, working their fabulous classes in the area and I was very excited to start working with them. We had already met prior to my start date, so the ice was broken and we had gotten to know each other a little bit.
My new team are lovely; Senior Coach Sophia and Coach Maria are very supportive and have been so generous already, and we have got on very well so far, even though I was away for a couple of weeks at the beginning of my appointment shadowing the lovely London team at Head Office, then getting my learning on with Rachel Kitson at Shrewsbury rehoming centre where I met some of the other new coaching teams and learned the Dog School curriculum. So far I’ve found Dogs Trust to be a caring and encouraging employer and I am very happy with my decision to work with them.


Dogs School classes don’t just focus on training the dogs, we also focus on the people, the dog owners who after all are who we are teaching as trainers, because we are aiming to help them understand canine behaviour and preventing problems from occurring; we are enabling them to train their dogs using skills that will help them for life and reduce dogs being relinquished to rescue! Having worked in rescue in the past, I love this goal and looking forward to steering my team forward and developing not only our skill set but that of owners too and coaching as many dog owners as possible to raise the dogs they always wanted.