A day in the life of Dog School Bristol

by Maria Madjirska-Mossop // April 2017

A day in the life of:

A day in the life of Bristol dog school starts with a strong smell of coffee whilst we groggily turn our computers on and piece together our daily to-do lists. We have a quick catch up about the last nights classes which normally ends up with lots of laughs about cheeky puppies who are getting more confident with each session. After that we can usually fit in a couple of hours concentration to do the office admin before putting in the postcode to todays 1-1 at Blaise Castle.

As we turn into the car park for Blaise Castle we see lot’s of Dog owners looking quizzically at our unmissable bright yellow van with pictures of dogs all over it. The sun is shining (for once) and we fill our treat pouches ready to meet todays clients.

 After a nice hour observing and talking about dog behaviour we jump in the van with our tummys rumbling. We grab a bite to eat before getting ourselves together again ready for some puppy fun! We arrive at Windmill Hill City Farm where we are met by owners eager to tell us their puppy’s antics from the week before. A bit of training and some playtime leaves all the puppies flat out and ready for a snooze at home. After 2 more classes we are also ready for a snooze, although we normally hang about chatting to our lovely volunteers picking apart little aspects of training and behaviour that we thought were interesting from that class “What was buster trying to tell us when his ears turned to the side like they did?” or “How can we tell if that bark was frustration or anxiety?” So many questions and hardly ever a straight forward answer.  If only dogs could talk…… But then we would have nothing left to talk about!