A Day in the Life

by Imogen Lloyd // June 2017

A day in the life of a Dog School Coach

Being a dog school coach isn't all just playing with puppies (unfortunately!). Read on to find out more about what else is involved!

8:15 Get into the office, check voicemails and emails for any new enquiries or messages from head office, make a cup of tea. Catch up with the team about yesterday’s 1-2-1 session with a reactive Labrador who, after half an hour of exercises getting the dog focussed on the owner, could walk past children, prams and bikes whilst remaining calm.
9:30 Head off four two of our classes. Unpack the Kongs, leads, harnesses, longlines, treats, toys, dog beds, water bowls, paper work, poo bags, cleaning supplies, barriers, blankets, distractions and the kitchen sink from the van. It’s always better to be prepared with everything we might need for classes than leave something behind.
10:15 – 12:30 Have a lot of fun at classes with our juvenile puppy and rescue classes working on recall and loose lead walking with distractions. We also covered leave and getting the dogs used to being handled all over so they are prepared for vet visits.

12:30 – 1:30 Lunch break, head to the shop around the corner for a fix of bakery goodies and stock up on dog treats for classes. Have a strong cup of tea whilst updating our Dog School East Anglia social media pages and discussing the dogs progress in class today.

Percy learning that if he leaves a bowl of treats he will get an even tastier treat for being a good boy!

1:30 Call back the latest enquiries and get people booked into future classes or 121 sessions if it will be more suitable for their dog.

3:00 Have another cup of tea… and discuss dogs!

3:05 More promotion of Dog School – print out and laminate posters before heading out around town to talk to as many people as possible and get leaflets in local shops, cafes and popular dog walking places.

4:30 Discuss plans for our stand at the Cambridge Town and Country Show at the weekend. We’ll be at lots of local events this summer so hopefully we’ll see you out and about!

 5:15 Home time…  

5:45 Actual home time… after the team have discussed dogs just a bit more… the downside of a job you love!