Getting a new puppy

by Imogen Lloyd // November 2017

Getting a new puppy

Things to consider if you’re thinking about getting a puppy

Puppies – what are they? Well they’re adorable, fluffy and cute but I don’t need to tell you that. They’re also baby dogs which I’m sure I also don’t need to tell anyone but we often forget that they are just that…babies.

Similarly to human babies, they can be hard-work, time consuming and a bit icky at times...!

Puppy Time

Dogs are really sociable creatures. They would rarely choose to be alone if it was up to them. Therefore, it is important that we teach them, as puppies, that being alone isn’t so bad. Ideally puppies need someone that can be around a lot at least for the first month so you can gradually build up the duration of any periods left alone.

They also need someone around a lot to help with their house training. At first you want to offer them the chance to go outside at least once every 30 minutes and after every meal, sleep and play. 

Chewing and mouthing

Puppies don’t come with any wiring or knowledge to tell them what behaviour is acceptable in our human society. They explore the world using their mouth because, unlike babies, they don’t have little hands to pick things up. So, you’ll find anything new to them gets investigated, usually with their mouth. Puppies love chewing because, not only are they investigating new things, but it also helps them loosen teeth to hurry up the teething process.

For this reason, it is important to think about setting your puppy up for success – rather than getting into conflict because he’s chewed your slippers, keep your slippers out of reach and give him something appropriate to chew like a Kong. See our blog on food toys for lots of ideas of appropriate things for them to chew.

Zoomies and rest

Puppies energy tends to come out in bursts. They’ll have 20 minutes of zoomies, running around and acting like a complete loon, trying to play with everything. Then they will need a really good sleep. Puppies need anything up to 20 hours of sleep a day so don’t be tempted to do too much with them as they can get overtired (just like babies).  

Your New Puppy talk

We are giving a FREE talk for new puppy owners or people considering getting a puppy. It will be at Hinchingbrooke Park Countryside Centre on the 29th of Nov. So come along to learn more about how to prepare for your puppy, early training such as house training and chewing, socialisation and safety around children.  It's free and you can reserve tickets here or just call us to let us know how many seats you would like reserved.

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