Rescue success!

by Justine Harding // October 2017

Romanian rescue success!

After Simon Smith and his wife lost their two elderly Border terriers within one week of one another, they were left with a big gap in their lives. Following considerable discussion and consideration, they decided the best way to plug that gap was to look for two rescue dogs. These came in the shape of an unlikely pair who happened to be sharing a kennel.

Irinel, a small short-haired terrier and Abbie a larger hairy type made an odd couple but seemed to get along. “Iri had been found by the side of a road but I thought he was rather handsome and seemed very bright , we felt we’d like to give them both a home.”


Soon after collecting them, Simon set about finding training classes, they knew having the extra support would be invaluable and they wanted to make sure they were doing things right. “We recognized training the dogs – well the owners really – was crucial and we wanted to make sure we were not sending the dogs the wrong signals which of course it turned out we had!” he laughs.

On his vet’s recommendation, Iri was soon signed up with Dog School East Anglia, while Abbie who is a little more nervous, would need a bit more time before coming along to training.

At his first session, Iri was a worried little dog but by making sure he was given a safe space of his own to work in class, and allowed to do things in his own time he soon started gaining confidence and so did Simon… “That was the best thing,” he explains, “building your confidence so that you can do it. The other big discovery for me was just how quickly your dog’s undesirable behaviours go away if you just ignore them.”


Simon felt Dog School benefitted him and Iri so much he signed up to attend the five week course again. - Each dog and owner is always progressed at their own pace so owners can simply choose to repeat the course as many times as they wish.

Iri graduated as a much more confident, responsive dog who could remain calm around other dogs and was clearly bonded with his new owner. “I was very surprised just how much we were able to achieve in a short space of time, without a huge amount of effort,” explains Simon. “Dog School has been really beneficial.”

Simon has been able to take all he has learned in class with Iri back home to use with Abbie, along with a little extra advice here and there from the Dog School coaches. With Simon’s patient approach, hopefully Abbie will attend Dog School in due course once her confidence has built up enough to feel comfortable.

But it is not just the owners and dogs who have ‘yes!’ moments at Dog School.  For the coaches at Dog School East Anglia, sharing Iri’s first taste of off lead fun, the first moment he ever played with a toy and seeing the joy on his owner’s face, rates among our top highlights to date .  A proper tear jerk moment! We’re just big softies at heart!

Whether you need help with a rescue or adult dog, or a new pup, Dog School East Anglia is here to help. To find your local class simply visit or call 01480 277987 or 07388 377371 to discuss your needs.