Hot Dawgs!

by Imogen Lloyd // June 2017

Hot Dawgs!

We’ve all been enjoying the warm weather, and who doesn’t love going to the park or a beer garden with their dogs on a nice sunny day? But take care to think of your dog’s comfort. Here are some tips for avoiding overheated hounds…

Time of day


If possible, you can walk your dog(s) in the morning and / or evenings so that they can be inside in the cool during the hottest part of the day.

Short and Sweet

If you have a dog that particularly feels the heat, such as those with thick-coats or flat-faced breeds, pop out for several short walks rather than a single long one.

Seek shade!

Choose to walk somewhere that is going to be shadier, like the woods. Alternatively, find shade on your walks so your dog can have a break in a cooler spot.

Wet, wet, wet

You can take your dogs on a walk somewhere with a stream, lake or to the seaside, where they can have a paddle if they choose. You can also provide your dog with a paddling pool in the garden - children’s plastic sandpits work well. 

Regular refreshments

Colleen isn't too fussy about where her water comes from!

Make sure your dog always has water available at home and offer it regularly on walks. You can get collapsible water bowls so that they don’t take up much space in your bag. Don't let your dog drink from standing / stagnant water - as this can give them a poorly tummy. 

Ice Ice Baby

You can give your dogs ice cubes or frozen stock cubes to chomp on. Alternatively freeze some treats in a big block of ice and your dog can spend ages licking at it, keeping cool and enjoying themselves in the process.

Chill out

You can buy cool mats in pet shops or online, they provide your dog with a cool bed to lie on during hot days. Alternatively, you can soak a bandana in water before putting it on your dog to help keep your dog cool while out and about.


We hope this post helps you and your dogs enjoy an amazing summer together! If you need any more information, or want to discuss our weekly classes with one of the team please don't hesitate to get in touch, you can reach us on: 07388 377371 or by emailing