What to expect at Dog School

by Imogen Lloyd // October 2017

What to expect at Dog School

At Dog School our classes are set up to make sure that both dogs and owners can relax and enjoy themselves. If you’re worried or preoccupied in any situation then you will struggle to listen and learn and it’s the same for our dogs. So, we help them relax so that they can learn in the class setting. To do this, each dog has its own bay, with visual barriers between the dogs. They also have a vet bed and water bowl, and we encourage owners to bring a Kong or similar food toy. This gives the dogs something appropriate to do which encourages them to be quiet and calm allowing owners to listen to us.


Over the duration of the five-week course we reduce the barriers and the Kong usage appropriately for what the dogs can cope with. Gradually reducing the barriers means that the dogs learn to keep working with their owners despite the distraction of other dogs being nearby. This is an invaluable skill for the real world.

We will teach you how to teach your dog successfully with particular attention being given to  polite meeting of people, being calm, loose lead walking and recall, even with distractions.

In order to get our owners off to a great start, we have an induction session without dogs. This means you can sit, relax, enjoy a cup of tea and a biscuit and listen to what we are teaching without having to control your dog. The induction session covers what to bring to class, but also aims to help you understand how dogs learn and how to recognise how they’re feeling from their body language.

We are also keen to make sure owners don’t feel worried or judged about what their dog does in class - we are professionals and are here to help. It’s all about understanding why your dog might feel the need to bark or react, and how we can help it be calmer.

You will have your first training task to complete at home after the induction to get you off to a head start and then we look forward to seeing you and your dog gradually build up your skills week on week. It’s amazing just how far you can come in five weeks!

So, what are you waiting for?  Visit www.dogstrustdogschool.org.uk to find your nearest Dog School and sign up to begin building a better bond with your dog today! Alternatively email us at eastangliadogschool@dogstrust.org.uk, call us on 01480 277987 or follow us on twitter @DogSchoolAnglia or Instagram at dogschool_east_anglia!