Getting a new puppy. Part 2- Bringing puppy home!

by Helen Kay // November 2017

Getting a new puppy!

Part 2- Bringing puppy home!


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You've made all the necessary preparations ahead of collecting your new puppy.  In this blog we share our tips and advice for bringing your puppy home to help ensure your new family member settles in well and gets off to the best possible start.

Things to remember when collecting your puppy!

Try take a small blanket with you when you go to pick up your puppy. A cheap fleece will do. Put it down near the litter, rub it on their mum and take it away with you so your puppy has a familiar sent to take away with them for the big move.

Equally you may need more than one piece of bedding for the journey home. Puppies are known to wee when excited or nervous so be prepared if you have a long car journey ahead of you!

When in the car your puppy must be suitably restrained. This is so they cannot distract you while you are driving, injure you or injure themselves if you stop quickly. A pet carrier, dog cage or dog guard are suitable options. To secure your dog a seat belt harness could also be good but if collecting at 8 weeks your pup is most likely far too small and may find this process a bit stressful.

When bringing your puppy home bare in mind they may be a little nervous leaving their litter mates for the first time. To help with this try to reassure your puppy if they need a little comforting.

If your puppy is nervous and seems unsure try not to over handle them. Give them the space to come around, try not to let children overwhelm them. Give them space and time to adjust. It will be lovely to get your puppy socialised with the whole family but on their first day in their new home give them the time to find their feet and settle in.

Try to minimise your puppy’s exposure to sudden, loud noises, try keep everything calm and leave putting on the hoover, dish washer and washing machine for a day if you can.

 A note on microchipping

Its compulsory that all puppies should be microchipped before leaving their breeder. So ideally you won’t need to worry about that! If the puppy you are collecting isn’t microchipped and recorded on a database before collection, then it is recommended you should not buy the puppy!

When you collect your puppy, the breeder should provide you with the microchipping documents which will allow you to transfer your details.

Remember, you can book your puppy onto our classes in advance as long as you know roughly how old they will be when they are fully vaccinated. The sooner you know the better chance you have of securing your puppies place!

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