Getting a new puppy - Part 1

by Jessica Tew // September 2017

Getting a new puppy

Part 1- before you collect them...!

Getting a new puppy? Here’s a run down of things you should consider before collecting your new friend.

So today we are going to look at what you need to prepare ahead of collecting your new pup.

Firstly, congratulations on choosing your new furry companion, that little fluff ball is going to be spending the next decade or so sharing your home, possibly your bed and most definitely your bank balance!

Welcoming your new puppy into your home is an exciting time and once you have got your pick up date all set all you want to do is plan and prepare right?

We get lots of puppy owners contacting us asking what steps they should take so they can get it right from the start, so we want to give you a little guide on some of our top tips for bringing your new puppy home. In this blog we are looking at what you may need to prepare before bringing your puppy home.

Before you collect your puppy

  • Make sure all cleaning chemicals and medications are out of your puppy's reach.
  • Store valuable items safely out of the way (you’ll be surprised what your puppy can choose to chew)
  • Cover electrical cords so your puppy can’t chew on them! Puppies can be sneaky and you only need to look away for 1 second.
  • Keep your children’s toys off the floor (most likely they will be destroyed or swallowed)
  • Have a food and water bowl ready, your puppy will need access to fresh and clean water throughout the day.  Try to choose heavy-bottomed bowls or stainless steel ones to prevent your puppy picking them up or tipping them over.
  • Puppy food! If you are getting your puppy from a responsible breeder or rescue then they should be providing you with a sample of the puppy food they are currently being fed on. This way you can either source the same puppy food and carry on with this diet or use the sample to wean your puppy slowly onto the brand you prefer.
  • Get a crate! Lots of dog owners think that putting your dog in a crate is punishing but this should be the total opposite. Introduced correctly your pups crate is not only their bed but also a safe haven they can take themselves away to if they need it. In a busy household being able to put your puppy to settle for 10 minutes makes all the difference.
  • Toys! Get lots of different textured dog toys for your puppy. Different puppies like different types so make sure your puppy has a choice then they can happily chew on their favourite (and not your slippers!).
  • If you are collecting your puppy at 8 weeks old then they won’t be fully vaccinated so you will be unable to take them on walks but it is worth getting a little collar/ harness and lead so you can gradually introduce them to the equipment they will be using in the future.
  • Insurance! Before collecting your puppy its worth knowing if the breeder/ rescue provide you with any insurance. This normally only lasts around a month or so anyway so its best to start checking those price comparison websites as insurance will make all the difference if your puppy has any unexpected accidents.
  • Talking of insurance its best to link in with your local vet before collecting your puppy. Get them registered in advance just in case!

That should give you lots to think about before you collect your puppy.  Check in next time for Part 2 -  ‘Bringing your puppy home’


Remember, you can book your puppy onto our classes in advance as long as you know roughly how old they will be when they are fully vaccinated. The sooner you know the better chance you have of securing your puppies place! 

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