Going for gold – A Doggy Olympics Story

by Chadiga Khalek // August 2017

Going for gold – A Doggy Olympics Story

Coming to the end of a course is always bittersweet for us here at Dog School. We love seeing our dogs and owners develop over the 5 week course and hope that they’ll be able to take what they’ve learnt into the big wide world, but it’s also always a little sad to say goodbye!

Our last week of training, just like the last week of school, is always filled with fun and games. From playing musical sits, to egg and spoon races, we always try to have a laugh.

One of our recent graduates, an adorable little Jack Russel Terrier cross called Pip, wasn’t a big fan of sitting and would only sit on her bed. As you can see below, we gave her her own little mat to practice on and soon Pip was sitting at every opportunity! This is a great example of making an exercise easier to suit your dog and building it up slowly to achieve success! Pip achieved a narrow second place in our musical sits game, only beaten by the handsome Ted.

Chips the Collie is another of our recent graduates. Chips was very focused on one of his owners Cherry, but wasn’t so keen on working for her husband. Well, as you can see from both their smiles below, Chips soon changed his mind about that! This just goes to show that, regular, reward based training, is great for building that dog and owner bond and even five minutes a day can make a big difference!

Among our remaining graduates we had the adorable Begbee, a rescue staffie, who wasn’t sure about other dogs, but absolutely adored people and all types of food, making him a delight to work with, Ollie the collie, a lovely young lad with boundless energy and Sheena the lovely lurcher cross. Congratulations to you all, keep up the good work.