Exmouth Walkies – Phear Park

by Dawn Comins // July 2017

Exmouth Walkies – Phear Park

Oscar loves a good walk and is always on the lookout for exciting places where he can sniff out new smells and see new things.

We are very lucky to live in sunny Exmouth and have Phear Park just down the road. Oscar loves to explore the area and zoom around the grass chasing his favourite thing; tennis balls! Luckily there is acres of space to do that here.

After a good run around, meeting and playing with new doggy friends, we made our way to the woodland area where Oscar settled well in the shade during our picnic.  

Fortunately it wasn’t too hot on the day of Oscar’s visit to the park; this is something to be really mindful of when taking your furry friend out when the sun is shining. If it’s really warm, it’s best to take your dog out early in the morning or in the evening.

There is also lots of human activities including kids play park, skate park, football cage, tennis courts and golf course. The park is managed by LED Leisure and often has different events and activities on, especially during the summer.


Click here for more information on Phear Park.

It is a great chance for your doggy to have some freedom and make some new friends. But make sure their recall skills are on point, as the park is not fully enclosed.

Oscar’s recall is super impressive now and he always races back to us for a yummy treat. It was also a good opportunity to practice his sit and down in a distracting environment, as he doesn’t normally stay still very long!

We run training classes at Bicton Earth Centre which is only 15minutes from Exmouth. In class we cover lots of skills, including recall, so check out when our next courses are starting to get your dog enrolled.

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