Devon - Our first month

By Jessica Colson | devon, dog school, gazebo, prepare

What an exciting first month it has been for us.

We are a brand new Dogs Trust Dog School based in Exeter. We spent the first week settling into our new offices, setting up our computers and getting to know each other. Lots of tea and biscuits were consumed!

We then started the search for venues to hold our training classes. We were lucky to have such a warm response from many venues; Devon is a very dog friendly place. We finally decided on 3 venues which we believe gives us the best coverage across Exeter and surrounding areas.

We had our first event at Bicton College Lambing Sunday (19th March). It was a wonderful day and great to be there as Bicton is one of our chosen venues. Oscar, one of our team member dogs, came along to oversee the day and give everyone lots of kisses!

We are all set up for our training classes to start, so check out the details on our page, and we are awaiting your call. Hope to see you soon!