Meet Princess!

by Dawn Comins // November 2017

Meet Princess!

Princess is a lovely 2 year old Boxer who Dawn brought home at the end of September. Dawn and her husband Tom have been looking to add a dog to their home for a few months, but having just been waiting to find the right one.

Princess had been in the kennels for 5 months and previously hasn’t seen much of the big wide world, so she is very excitable. She is a brilliant running partner for Tom and a good pupil for Dawn to practice her training skills on, especially as she didn’t even know how to sit!

Settle was the first main issue to work on. This a big part of our classes as it is such an important skill to teach our dogs, and Princess certainly needed lots of work in this. We also had to introduce her to a Kong as it seemed like she had never seen one before.

These are great tools for helping our dogs settle and relax.

She has been starting to come into our office on certain days and is working on her settle there too.

Although Princess loves nothing more than a good run around with doggie friends, her recall is nonexistent. So Dawn has been doing lots of work on a long line, giving her rewards when she comes back. She loves a good game of tug so this a brilliant reward for Princess, especially if she comes away from something really exciting like another dog.   

It has been 6 weeks now and Princess is definitely starting to settle in more and coming along with her training. She just acts like an overgrown puppy, and although she sometimes gets into mischief, her goofy nature soon wins you over.

Dawn and Tom are enjoying working with her and excited to see how her training will progress, and hopefully one day can even teach her to surf as they live right by Saunton Sands in North Devon.

We will keep you updated with her progress and we also love to hear about your dogs’ stories and see their photos

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