Dog School graduation successes!

by Cheryl Mason // July 2017

Dog School graduation successes!

Meet our most recent graduates and hear about their personal journeys.

This week concluded the end of our recent course of adult and rescue dog classes. This final week is otherwise known as ‘Doggy Olympics’ in which canine and human pupils get to showcase all their wonderful skills they’ve learnt in a fun way.

We found ourselves reflecting on that first week we met these owners when they attended our induction presentation and how they arrived in great trepidation of what to expect and how their dogs would behave! We even had few owners say they were embarrassed of their dogs behavior and tried ‘forewarn’ us and  apologise in advance! We have come to realise that this is a common theme and of course we always listen to our owners concerns and allay their fears wherever possible.

One such owner was a lovely couple who had adopted a rescue Shar-Pei ‘Phoebe’ with a sad past and unsurprisingly, a fear of other dogs and of being touched/handled by people. Phoebe is a big, strong girl and understandably bringing her into the class environment was no mean feat for this dedicated couple! By the end of our course, Phoebe had learnt to settle with other dogs around her which was a huge personal achievement for her.

Then there was Zara the Boxer-Labrador Cross, also a rescue dog with a fear of men approaching her and owners wanting to brush up her on her basic training skills.  Not only did she do really well with her training but she benefited massively from the socialization with other people in class.

Ruby the Miniature Schnauzer joined us having previously attended training elsewhere that had not been successful. At sevens month of age, Ruby was already a rather excitable girl that liked to make her voice heard. We were able to give her owners lots of useful tips to take away with them and we were informed they had already seen some good results.

Last but not least, we had graceful Keira the ex-coursing greyhound who had been rescued from her working life in Ireland and found sanctuary with an experienced owner who had given her home to many rescued greyhounds over the years. Kiera was initially a very timid girl who had not experienced the comfort of a home and the big wide world outside. The classes proved to be a valuable and gentle socialization experience for her; having observed classes she felt able to join in at her own pace when she felt confident enough to do so.  It was a real delight to see her coming out of her shell and we chuckled that we saw a twinkle in her eye as she took part in the fun of the doggy Olympic games that final week.


Satisfaction of our canine and human pupils is so important to us, one of the  closing comments we received was “We have very much enjoyed the classes and feel that our dog has benefited from the experience”. When asked what they thought was their dog’s greatest accomplishment during classes was, another owner replied “everything”.

Well done guys, it was our pleasure!