Running our first training classes

by Dawn Comins // May 2017

Running Our first training classes

Planning ahead for our first set of training classes for Dog School Devon was an exciting time. Learning about each owner and their dog and what they hoped to achieve by attending our classes made us really keen to get started and help everyone accomplish their goals!

Our star pupils

We’re nearly at the end of our first course of training classes and have met some wonderful people and their furry friends over the past few weeks! Our star pupils so far have to be Archie and his owner, David. They are a credit to each other and have shown what can be achieved when you make the time to put in the practise. We observed how focused Archie was on David, even with lots of distractions around, which shows the great bond that can be made through positive reinforcement training. David is keen to carry on their training together and we are super-excited to see what the future holds for this pair!

We also met Benson and his owners, Rebecca and James, who completed our training course aimed at rescue dogs. We saw Benson progressing every week and gaining in confidence. Rebecca and James moved house during the course and Benson coped with this change very well. They have also started to see an improvement in Benson outside of class when meeting new dogs and people.

We feel very proud of our first group of graduates. It was sad saying goodbye to them all but we are looking forward to meeting our new pupils and helping them succeed too!