Why train your dog?

by Dawn Comins // November 2017

Why train your dog?

Of course taking your dog to training has many benefits for them, but what’s in it for us?


Build a better bond with your dog

 Dog training requires that you spend lots of time with your dog, learning new things and getting rewards. This is the foundation of a great relationship between a dog and owner – and by training regularly you are guaranteed to strengthen that special bond you share.

 Good exercise

 It’s not just your dog that runs around during training – it also gets you moving, particularly if you are doing a sport like agility. We all know regular exercise is vital to stay in good health so by training regularly you and your dog can look forward to a long, happy, healthy life together.

 Make friends

 Going to dog training classes or a regular group is a wonderful way to make friends with people who love dogs just as much as you. And having a network of friends who are also passionate about training can be handy when you want some advice about a training problem – or if you just fancy a long walk with others.

 Learn new skills

 Whether it’s the patience to persist on learning a new exercise, or learning how to motivate your dog the best way, you are sure to develop a range of new skills if you commit to regular dog training sessions.

 Enjoy more freedom

 Dog training teaches a dog to be well-mannered and adaptable. Once this is achieved, you have the freedom to take your dog with you everywhere you go, on days out or even on holiday.


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