Back to Black!

by Cheryl Mason // October 2017

Back to Black!

In the depths of rural Mid Devon (and in the catchment area of one of our training venues!) there lies a small and remote village rather interestingly named ‘Black Dog’ after the mythical canine said to inhabit the lanes there.  The village sits upon one of the highest ridges of land between both Dartmoor and Exmoor, thus affording spectacular views of both. It has an Iron Age hill fort that lies to the South.  ‘Two Moors Way’ is a scenic walking route in the area and ramblers often stop for refreshments at the local Black Dog Inn. 

At the cross roads where the Inn sits, there is an old well. According to local folklore, there used to be an old tunnel leading from the well to the iron age earthworks (known as Berry Castle).  It is said that during the civil war, this ancient tunnel entrance was guarded by a ghostly black dog.

 At Devon Dog School, we are fascinated to hear local traditional tales. However, unfortunately many people can still be wary about adopting a black dog, even in these modern times, because of superstitious black dog stories from the past.  It is also actually rather tricky to take photos of black dogs which easily define their appealing features, and therefore adoption processes can be hindered by this, especially where photographs are concerned.

The 1st of October is National Black Dog day which promotes these stunning dogs in the hope that they too will find their forever homes that they equally deserve. 

Upon our travels across Devon none of us have seen the mythical ‘Black dog’ so far, although we have come across these very beautiful and clever black canines that have worked magic of their very own in our training classes.  We think they are all pretty legendary in their own right!

(PS. If you are considering offering your home to a dog in need, contact your nearest rescue centre to see what black dogs are available today!)

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