A Tail of Success!

by Dawn Comins // September 2017

A Tail of Success!

Carolyn rescued Benji the whippet a year ago and has been building up her bond with him and his confidence since. She decided to attend our classes to help with this.

At first Benji wasn’t too sure. He was a bit nervous about being inside the building with all these new people and dogs. Luckily our classes are set up with each dog having their own bay so they feel safe and then can take part when they feel ready.

It was obvious Carolyn had already done lots of training with Benji, but sometimes he just got distracted by the other dogs, especially Nanuk who is a big fluffy malamute! Benji quickly learned though that new people and other dogs are nothing to be worried about, especially when there is cheese as a reward.

It was lovely to watch Benji grow in confidence and by the end he was even able to have a nose sniff with all the other dogs and carry out his exercises confidently. He was a superstar in the doggy Olympics, excelling at his loose lead walking during the Kibble and Spoon race!

We were so glad to hear that Carolyn and Benji enjoyed the course so much that they want to come back for another starting soon, so he can meet even more new people and dogs.

Click this link to see Benji in action

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