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Welcome to Dog School Doncaster!

We offer fun, friendly and educational training classes to dogs of any age. Our classes focus on teaching your dog the skills needed for everyday life and to further develop the relationship between you and your dog positively. We enjoy interacting with owners and their dogs, teaching the skills needed for your dog be the well-mannered pooch you always knew they could be.

We use reward based training so both dogs and owners love coming to Dog School each week!

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Our classes

Wednesday (50 mins)

16:30, 17:30 and 18:30

Bullcroft Memorial Hall, Doncaster, DN6 8AP

Friday (50 mins)

16:45, 18:00 and 19:15

Harworth & Bircotes Town Hall, Doncaster, DN11 8JP

Saturday (50 mins)

09:30, 10:45, 12:00 and 13:30

The Ivanhoe Centre, Doncaster, DN12 3JX

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Trainers' profiles

Rachel has been working within the rescue setting for over nine years and originally started at a local stray kennels where she first developed her passion. Rachel knew that this is where she belonged and pursued a career in the field of canine behaviour and training. Rachel has achieved a BSC (hons) degree in Animal Management and is currently working towards her Association of Pet Dog Trainers (ADPT) Accreditation.



During her last year of University Rachel joined the Dogs Trust team and has been working within Dogs Trust since! For just over three years, Rachel worked as a Canine Carer at the Leeds Rehoming Centre caring and training the dogs available for rehoming until she joined the Dog School Leeds team in August 2016 as the Senior Coach. Now Rachel is leading Dog School Doncaster to be as successful as the Dog School in Leeds and is very much looking forward to educating and training the local dog owners and dogs around the Doncaster area.


During her time as a Canine Carer Rachel fell in love with many dogs but two struck her heart the most, a little black pug called Moo who came to the centre in a very sorry state and Mila a very smart Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Rachel enjoys competing both dogs in dog sports and often takes them travelling around the UK in her recently refurbished camper van.

Beckie has been working with dogs for over 5 years, beginning at a boarding kennels where she enjoyed caring for and walking all the dogs. Beckie started working at Dogs Trust in August 2016 at a Coach for Dog School Leeds. When the opportunity for Dog School Doncaster came up, Beckie applied for the Senior Coach position and successfully got the job! Beckie has a diploma in Animal Management, and a HNC in Bio-veterinary Science, but is currently undergoing a Foundation Degree in Canine Behaviour and Training to keep up to date.



Beckie’s inspiration to work with dogs came from owning her own challenging border collie Buzz, who required lots of training and confidence building from the beginning. She now enjoys competing in dog sports with Buzz, and going out on long walks in the countryside with Buzz and his elderly brother Rooney.

Sam has been working within Dogs Trust for 2 years, and originally started as a Canine Carer at the Leeds Rehoming Centre. Sam worked primarily with the puppies, and thoroughly enjoyed beginning their training, to provide them with the life skills they need to stay in their new forever home. Sam also worked alongside the Training and Behaviour Advisors, implementing training programmes for puppies that had been handed in due to problem behaviour.


During her time at Dogs Trust Sam attended a variety of courses to expand her knowledge. Sam has also achieved a Level 3 Diploma in Animal Management and a BSc (Hons) Animal Behaviour and Welfare degree.


Sam has previously volunteered for Dog School Leeds and knew instantly she wanted to be part of the Dog School Team, when a job became available she just couldn’t say no. Dog training and behaviour has always interested Sam, she is very passionate about educating and training both owners and their dogs, to help prevent behaviour problems, to keep them in their forever home.

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