Tugging’ On Heart Strings!

by Rebecca Wheldon // February 2018

Tugging’ On Heart Strings!

A little low on cash after the New Year but want to give your pooch the perfect Valentines gift? The majority of dogs LOVE playing tuggy, so follow the steps below to make your own easy tug toy that your dog will be swooning over.

 You will need:

  •  A couple of old blankets (2 different Valentines colours where possible!)

  • Sharp Scissors

Step 1:

Begin by laying out your blankets flat, and cutting up 4 pieces of the blanket (2 of each colour is best), the longer and wider the better for creating a longer and thicker tug.

Step 2:

Gather the four pieces of blanket evenly, and tie a tight knot as close to the top of the 4 pieces as possible.

Step 3:

Hold the knot in your hand with the four pieces of blanket lying on top. Arrange the blanket so there is 1 colour at the top and bottom, and 1 colour to the right and left. In our case, we used brown to lay at the top and bottom, and the pink to the left and right. Remember which colour was where for future steps!

Step 4:

Take your top brown blanket, and loop it over the knot holding it between the bottom brown blanket, and the right-hand pink blanket. Hold this in place, and take the bottom brown blanket and loop this over the left-hand pink tug, and hold it in place just to the left of where the top brown tug was.

Hold the loops still, but take the left-hand pink piece over the left-hand brown loop, but then through the right-hand brown loop. Then take the right-hand pink piece, and take this over the right-hand brown loop, but through the left-hand loop.

Step 5:

Pull each piece gently and evenly to tighten the tug. This is easiest by pulling the two brown pieces gently, then the two pink pieces, and repeat until the tug is tight enough that it would be difficult to undo. When tightened your tug should look like an almost square, checkered pattern.

Step 6:

Continue this pattern by going back to Step 3, laying your tug out with the brown at the top and bottom, and the pink on the left and right, and then continue repeating the pattern. When you have got around 15cms away from the end of the pieces of blankets, stop plaiting, and leave these 15cms loose. Tie a knot using these as tight as possible.

Step 7:

Once you have knotted the end, your tug is complete! Trim any unsightly ends from each knot, and you are ready to give your dog the best (and cheapest) Valentine's gift!!


We made tugs all different colours, sizes, materials and patterns for the dogs in the classes this Valentines. Mila & Moo tested them in the office beforehand and LOVED them.

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