Meet our Office Dogs!!

by Rachel Vasey// April 2018

Meet our Office Dogs!!

We know that you all know who we are by now ...most of you will have met us in classes, events or even 1-2-1 training sessions and if we haven’t met yet we hope to meet you sometime soon!! But we thought it is about time you meet two little helpers who play a big part in the time we spend in the office…

Meet Mila and Moo!!!


If you are wondering who is who, Mila is the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Moo is the Pug. Both were adopted by Rachel the Head Coach in 2015 from Dogs Trust whilst she was working at the Leeds Rehoming Centre... Who could really resist those faces?

They play a vital role in the office as you can see below…

Moo ensures all phone calls and emails are answered promptly and is chief treat taster, I think we can all tell which one will be her favourite job!? Mila on the other hand very much enjoys testing out the toys we make for the dogs to use in class. Mila ensures that the material we use is kept very still to ensure the toys are 100% perfect and up to her standard.

Don’t worry though, they aren’t just kept cooped up in the office all day although I don’t think they would mind too much. We often take them out and about with us when we visit the local area whether it is for events or just to look around the area. They love searching for new and interesting walks with us and are always partial to a quick picture!

Whenever we go to take them for their wee breaks they often get stopped by people in the office block wanting to get their daily M&M fix. As you can imagine all this hard work is very tiring and most of the day they are asleep on their comfy bed.

We hope you have enjoyed meeting our office dogs and hope you will get to meet them in person if you ever attend any of our events!!


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