New Year New Toys!

by Sam Spurr // January 2018

New Year New Toys!

I’m very guilty of spoiling my dog spending lots of money on buying him new toys, I just can’t help it when he is so cute! There are often times when I am a bit short of cash especially after the Christmas period, but I still want to be able to spoil my adorable pooch with lots of new things. I am sure we all feel the same. Good dog toys don’t have to be expensive, you can make great toys for you pooch from the comfort of your own home. The toys you can make will save you so much money in the long run and your four legged friends will have just as much fun. Making toys for your dog is also fun for you too, they are easy to make, and everyone can get involved. Happy Crafting!

What items can I use?

You probably already have lots of potential items lying around your house that can be used to make toys for your dog. There are so many items that can be crafted into a boredom busting toy, for example old clothing, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles and cups, tennis ball, baking trays, newspaper and so much more.

What toys can I make?

There are so many different ideas to choose from you will be spoilt for choice and there will always be new ideas out there, so there is no chance of or your dog getting bored.

Here is one of my dog’s favourites to get you started.


Materials needed for this DIY dog game:

  • Muffin tin.

  • Tasty smelly dog treats.

  • Paper (newspaper, magazines, leaflets wrapping paper etc).

How to set up and make the muffin tin dog game:

1: Chop your treats into small pieces and place a few of them into each individual muffin tin hole.

2: Get some old paper from a newspaper, magazine, leaflets or wrapping paper from your Christmas presents, scrunch them up into paper balls, and put them in all the muffin tin holes to hide the treats.

3: Place the muffin tin in front of your dog and encourage him to investigate it. He should start to sniff around and find the tasty treats when he figures out how to knock the paper balls out of the muffin tin. Your dog can lift the paper balls in his mouth and drop it to the side or he can paw the balls off.

If your dog is struggling you may have to give them a helping hand by moving the first paper ball to let him find that treat.

I hope you and your dogs have just as much fun with this game as me and my dogs do!


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