Training Tips- Keeping it fun!

by Rebecca Wheldon // May 2018

Training Tips- Keeping it fun!

It is extremely easy to perceive dog training as something that needs to be super serious to get that perfect, well-behaved pooch. However, at Dog School, we find being super fun is a better way to achieve results by keeping training sessions enjoyable for YOU, not just for your dog!

Check out our top 5 tips for creating the perfect fun training sessions.

Keep sessions short & sweet!

If you’re beginning to get bored with your training session, your dog probably got bored 10 minutes ago! Keep you and your pooch’s mind active by doing short 2-5 minute training sessions randomly throughout the day to prevent boredom with training.

Varying your rewards.

Robotic delivery of treats to most dogs is going to become boring for you and your dog. Mix up your training sessions by varying your rewards between food & toys, and vary what toys and food are given! Also vary how these rewards are delivered, rather than just giving your dog the reward try throwing the reward in different directions and encouraging your dog to engage with games such as tug or fetch to make that reward last longer. Plus remember to reward yourself for a good training session with a cheeky treat (in my case- chocolate) that you love!

Multi-task training with your day to day chores.

When training a new skill to our dogs we suggest practicing in low distracting environments and slowly work up to busier places. It’s very easy to just practice in the quiet living room every time we train when we say low distraction environment, however, once that foundation learning is there, try adding in some distractions and obstacles to fully ensure you’re ready to start trying that new behaviour out on a walk! For example, can you loose-lead walk up & down stairs with the washing basket? Can your dog settle in the garden whilst you do some gardening? Can your dog sit & stay whilst you make a brew? Get creative and incorporate your training into your day to day chores!

Get the family and friends involved.

It’s easy to think that the person who attends the training classes should be the only person training the dog, however, if everyone is using the same techniques and helping each other, getting other’s involved is a lot more fun than training on your own! For example, practice recall between different family members, get friends involved in perfecting that polite greeting and see if the older children in the family can practice some loose lead walking around the garden.

Train fun tricks too.

Although focusing on perfecting those key skills for life is super important, training some fun tricks too when you get a bit of extra time is great for keeping you and your dogs’ brain engaged- some can even be handy for real life! For example, teach your dog to stand in between your legs, a great command to add on to a perfect recall so you can easily clip your dog’s lead back on. Other fun tricks could be teaching your dog to roll over, high five, play dead- the list is endless! Ask your Dog School Coach for some guidance if you would like to have a go at a new trick but do not know where to start!

Here at Dog School, we are super passionate about training and these 5 tips are just the beginning of how we keep training fun and interesting with our own pooches at home.


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