Build your own Snuffle Mat

by Carol Milner // June 2017

Build your own Snuffle Mat

We had a lot of interest (from dogs and their people) in our homemade snuffle mats at the Kingston Maurward Open Day this weekend.  They were so successful that we decided to dedicate a blog to a “how to” guide so you lovely people can make your own.  Your dogs will love you for it!

(We also want to say a big thank you to all the dogs that helped us by modelling our snuffle mats for social media this weekend – check them out on Instagram and Twitter @dogschooldorset!)

What you will need:

Approximately 2-3 metres of fleece or felt fabric (old blankets will work!);

Half a rubber door mat or sink protector;

Sharp scissors;

A good movie or TV box set!

Step 1:



Cut your fabric into 2.5 cm strips and then into sections approximately 15cm long (for the short style mat, perfect for smaller dogs or those with short snouts), to 25cm long (perfect for big dogs and those with long noses).

Step 2:

Put on your movie or TV box set.  Take your mat/sink protector and thread the strips through the holes and tie once, no need to knot, you’ll find they hold

With the sink protector, I threaded three strips per hole (see picture).  If using a rubber mat you can work around to create a flower effect, threading one strip between each of the surrounding holes.

Your mat will take between 2-3 hours to make.

Step 3:

When you have completed your mat, hide some of your dog’s favourite treats in it, place on the floor and let your dog snuffle away and find them.  It’s a great tool to end training sessions, to let your dog settle after a good play session, to keep them from under your feet in the kitchen, or to leave with your dog if you need to pop out for a short while.


The longer strip snuffle mat:


Care information:

Our coach Carol washed both the rubber and the sink protector mat at 40 degrees and a 600 rpm spin cycle and both came out intact!  From experience the rubber mat at least tends to split at higher spin cycles.  But these are also very easily cleaned with a steam mop if you don’t want to risk the washing machine

Enjoy making your snuffle mats!