Travelling With Your Dog

by Ruth Joyce // April 2018

Winter is over (hopefully) and we’re looking forward to a fantastic summer time here at Dog School Dorset. For those of you that are looking to go away this summer, have you thought about where and what you might be doing with your four-legged friend while you’re away?

For some of us, holidaying in the UK is what we enjoy and we love to take our doggie friends away with us when we do. What better way to enjoy a staycation then with man (and woman’s) best friend? Whether it’s the sandy beaches of Devon or the highlands of Scotland, no matter where we go, there’s always going to be one thing we’re going to have to do.


Here are some handy tips to get your dog’s ready for those happy holiday times.

  • Travelling Happy. Start working towards getting your dog happy with the car now, months in advance. Rewarding your dog for approaching the car or being around the car without having to get in is the first step towards a happy travelling buddy. Start with short journeys to somewhere fun!

  • Travel Safe. As per the law, your dog should be safely restrained when travelling in the car. This can be a crate in the boot, a dog guard or even doggy seatbelts to make sure your pup and you are safe as you can be.

  • Make sure your dog is wearing a collar with a tag with your personal information on and your microchip information is correct. Not only is it the law, it means if your four-legged friend makes a dash for it, they’re more likely to come back safe and sound. Make sure your home, phone and emergency contact details are kept up to date.

  • Provide plenty of space and shade in the car for your dog. Even if you have air conditioning, it’s best to make sure you have some type of shade up on the windows if it’s going to be a sunny day.

  • Dogs can suffer from travel sickness just the same as us, so make sure they only have a light meal before travelling and fresh air as you go.

  • Plenty of rest stops. The highway code recommends we take a minimum of a 15-minute break every two hours. This will give your dog enough time to stretch their legs, go to the toilet and enjoy some fresh air.   

  • Plan your journey so that you never have to leave your dog alone in the car.  Temperatures can soar in a very short space of time inside a locked car.

Dog’s can find it hard work to generalise all the behaviours we teach them and your holiday is an excellent opportunity to teach them in lots of new places so they truly know their behaviours. Recalling across the beach, loose lead walking across the dunes, practising your settle in front of the fire and your nice polite greetings with all the two and four-legged friends you come across! If you’re looking to start learning these things, why not come along to classes to find out how… 


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