Getting our newest Coaches ready!

by Blanka Krkoskova // February 2018

Dogs Trust is focused on ensuring all their Dog School coaches have the latest skills and knowledge to deliver high-quality classes. So even coaches need coaching to keep them up-to-date with the best practices, and two of the Dorset coaches have just returned from training at the Dogs Trust centre in Evesham. They have returned enthusiastic and eager to work with the owners attending their classes to help them strengthen the bond with their dogs.

Evesham is a beautiful centre in Worcestershire that has recently undergone a full renovation. There are many lovely dogs waiting for their forever homes, so if you are in the area, do pay them a visit and see if your next best friend is waiting for you there – our Coach Blanka almost walked out with two of them

The 3-day training was aimed at Dog School newbies and Dorset’s Ruth and Blanka were joined by colleagues from London, Hampshire, West Midlands and Nottinghamshire. Led by the brilliant Dog School Coach Trainer Rachel Kitson and her faithful sidekick Skye, the Staffie, we learned the theoretical and practical content of the Dog School classes and shared many tips and best practises with each other - as you can never know too much when it comes to dog training!

For the second part of our training, we borrowed 3 lovely dogs from the centre’s staff to practise what we learned and to put ourselves in our students’ shoes.

Here’s Blanka practising the sit and down with the beautiful Jack Russel Terrier Silvester:

The final part was to practice teaching each other – this was to make sure that our messages are clear and instructions easy to follow. Being able to train dogs ourselves is, of course, important, but our goal is to pass as much as possible of our abilities and knowledge onto other dog owners! 

We had an amazing time absorbing all that knowledge and meeting lots of lovely people and dogs! We simply cannot wait to put all that in practise to help dog owners all over Dorset and hope that our students enjoy our classes as much as we enjoyed our training!


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