All Change on the Jurassic Coast!

by Jo Page // January 2018

All Change on the Jurassic Coast!

Dog School Dorset is barely eight months old (the beginning of the teens in doggy years) and yet it has seen so much change in its short time on the earth. On the 2nd of May 2017, three strangers, who would later become their own version of the dream team, met for the first time as Dog School Dorset.

Under the care of Kat Janczur, Jo Page and Carol Milner, the newest Dogs Trust Dog School hit Weymouth. By the 15th of June, we held our first class in Willowbed Hall in Chickerell with classes at Parkstone Baptist Church in Poole and Kingston Maurward College in Dorchester soon following.

The goal of Dog School is to help people with their puppies and adult dogs so that we can reduce the number of dogs that are handed over to Dogs Trust due to behavioural reasons. These issues are mostly easy to prevent with the right training from a young age.

One of our recent puppy graduates Daisy demonstrating a ‘down’ for her happy owner.

Relinquished dogs are not only a local problem and Dog Schools are being set up across the country. Six months into our mission, Kat received a phone call; would she like to set up a new school in West Yorkshire? The answer was yes, she would! With Kat heading off for the dales, the opportunity of Head Coach was too good to pass up and I readily accepted the new role with some delight.

Around this time our coach Carol was finding the lure back to her previous life in marine biology and decided that although dog training was a great love of hers, working in marine biology was her passion. Dog School is nothing without its team of volunteers, the great people whose passion for dogs bring them to us every week, giving up their free time to help us with our mission. As it turns out some likely looking candidates to flesh out the team were right under our noses all along. Carol may be leaving as a member of staff but she is returning to us as a volunteer. And the volunteers? Well two of them are now staff!

So, nearly 150 dogs later, the new year really did bring a new beginning for Dog School Dorset. A new dream team is on the block and I have great pleasure in introducing you to...


 and to


These two ex-volunteers have already proved their skills and their passion and are working to help you and your dog have a long and happy life together.

We hope you had a lovely Christmas and a fantastic new year. If your resolutions include a certain four-legged someone then give us a call, we’re here to help!


If you would like to find out more about our classes and events, call us on 07392 869380 or 07387 141057 or fill out an enquiry form online. 

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