Our first week at the office

by Kat Janczur and Joanna Page // May 2017

Our first week at the office..

Welcome to the first ever blog post from Dog School Dorset! Last week was our first week at the office. The whole team has been freshly created meaning that we all started at the same time and  its brand new to all of us. How exciting!

On Monday, we received the keys to our brand-new office; filled with unpacked boxes and uninstalled computers. Setting everything up was a great bonding experience, especially when we took ages to figure out internet cables just to find out we were using wrong ones! In spite of the funny little setbacks, we managed to set up the office in the morning so we could crack on with finding ourselves some suitable potential venues which made us feel very accomplished.

We are hoping to have a few classes spread across the county so that everyone can get the chance to come and see what we’re all about. We will hopefully be booking an exciting venue in the very near future so watch this space! As the newest Dog School, we have the advantage of having the support of our more experienced colleagues. To tap into that we visited Dog School Hampshire on Tuesday and Dog School Bristol on Wednesday of this week.

Our Dog School colleagues have been very accommodating and friendly and it was a great opportunity to learn from the pro’s! Not only did we watch their classes but at Hampshire we also had a chance to play with little Staffordshire puppies from Salisbury Rehoming Centre. What’s better than rolling on the ground with little cuddly piranhas?! 

Keep watching for more updates or follow us on Instagram and Twitter to see how we are getting on as we set up our new school!