Our first Adult dog class – Willow the Cockapoo

by Kat Janczur // August 2017

Our first adult dog class – Willow the Cockerpoo

Willow was one of those dogs that can really surprise you. She really struggled in the first two classes because she is a very bright girl but seemed to have very bad luck.  After the first weeks class she got grass seeds stuck under her skin!  Then in the second week she had to have an operation to have more grass seeds removed.  As if this was not enough she then developed an allergic reaction and had to be on a hypoallergenic diet!!  The one thing you really don’t want to hear in a class with an easily distracted dog is that she cannot have any treats.

But, we always do our best to adjust to every individual dog and this time we had to be creative with rewards.  Willow was, fortunately for us, happy to work for her hypoallergenic kibble, and showed an amazing improvement already.  In the first class, she struggled to settle and was not too motivated by food but Carol (our Coach) did amazing job working on Willow’s settle during the whole class!

When week 3 came, Willow was a different dog, she settled (with hypoallergenic chews) and started learning at a very fast pace - her improvement was truly impressive. None of this would be possible, however, if it wasn’t for her amazing owner Mandy who started to train a lot at home. Willow was her first dog, and she is a handful! She is so smart, very fast and easily excitable but her story is a great illustration of how much of a difference training can make.

The Dog School Dorset team all got a bit emotional watching them work together during our Olympics.  In the first week of classes Willow barked at every passing dog (she was just very excited and having medical problems did not make things easier for her) but by the fifth week she was walking beautifully on a loose lead completely ignoring other dogs.   She also had a fantastic recall and focus on Mandy, we’re so proud of them both!

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