by Joanna Page // July 2017

Dorset’s First Classes

The 15th of June was the day we had all been anticipating for some time – Dorset’s first ever class! With fresh excitement, a handful of butterflies and plenty of treats we strode into Willowbed Hall in Chickerell, Weymouth like we’d been giving classes there all our lives.

Our first class was an adult class where we met Parsnip, Casey, Willow and Maybelline and what a gorgeous and clever bunch they are! Each dog brought something different to the class and left us with the realisation that we really do have the best job in the world!

Parsnip is a super clever fellow who was able to practice his recall outside in his first ever class!

Casey can turn his paw to anything you ask of him. Here he is showing off his perfect settle!

Willow is an incredibly friendly little girl who is very quick on the uptake, performing her cues readily with time for a quick hello in between.

Maybelline is a darling girl who can become aroused when around other dogs but has showed us what a superstar she is by ignoring all the snuffling and snorting to practice what we ask.

The 29th of June was the first week of our puppy classes. Skugga, Daisy and Darwin have all proved themselves to be super cute, super smart and very keen to learn. By the end of class one, every puppy had shown us they could settle, perform a sit as well as a down and that they had impeccable attention to name which is a great building block for learning recall. At this rate we’re going to have to really think on our feet to keep up with these little information sponges!

All things considered, our first week of classes has been really good fun and we can’t wait to carry on with the rest of the course.

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