The Growing Grace of Gorgeous George!

by Jo Page // November 2017

The Growing Grace of Gorgeous George!

Dogs often have a boundless enthusiasm for life, and this certainly applies to George. Just passing the cusp of puppyhood towards adolescence, George met everyone and entered all situations with delight and a dubious number of paws on the floor.

Whilst George’s exuberance for life is somewhat enviable, his excitement combined with his size meant that he could be a little difficult to walk, especially as he wanted to give everyone he met a big kiss! George’s owner wanted to focus on calm greetings and his loose lead walking throughout the course and with plenty of practice George came on in leaps and bounds, although for once, not literally! We also thought that the settle training would be very beneficial to help him to ‘switch off’ when no one was paying attention to him.

George’s owner worked very hard throughout the course and had a lovely rapport with him. Much work was put into helping him to settle and by week three we had a marvelous melting puppy:

Loose lead walking proved a little harder for George as he was quite easily distracted. George’s owner worked very hard within the hall and when he was very excited a quick swap to a higher value reinforcer ensured that the loose lead walking continued. By the end of week four, George was reliably loose lead walking outside of our Weymouth venue and we were very proud.

George’s triumph was his four on the floor. By the second session George had worked out that if he stayed on the floor as we trainers approached him, he would get lots of lovely treats from his owner. We were even able to stroke him and he would stay politely sitting.

(This is not my angry face, this is my Talking face, promise!)

As with all training, consistent work is required until the behaviour is fully embedded but George and his owner are fully on their way to a beautiful life together. Plus, they’re both lovely!

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