One Man’s Rubbish is Another Man’s Enrichment!

by Joanna Page // September 2017

One Man’s Rubbish is Another Man’s Enrichment!

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, enrichment is a fantastic way of stimulating your dog’s mind. Fido’s primary sense is his nose and making that nose work will really get the old grey matter going: lowering arousal, preventing boredom, building confidence and making them nice and tired! It’s been scientifically proven that dogs prefer to work for their food and with this blog you can find some super easy and super cheap ways to make that happen.

Step 1: Collect the goods

Have a good old rummage in your recycling bin! The only limit here is your imagination. Lots of things are great for enrichment, just bare safety in mind-small bottle caps can be a choking hazard and tins and glass are not suitable due to sharp edges. Dog School Dorset’s rummage came up with a cardboard box, scrap paper, a toilet roll inner tube, some plastic drinks cups, an egg box, a cardboard medication box and an old pillow case. Your tasty dog treats will be required also.

Collect the goods

Step 2: Get creating!

  • Treats can be placed in the bottom of the cardboard box and then crumpled up balls of paper placed on top. Your dog will have to use his nose to sniff the treats out from under the paper.
  • Tie your old pillow case in a knot. You can place small bits of treats within the knot for your dog to work out with his teeth and after that’s done you have a tug toy!
  • In the picture we have put treats in the center of the toilet roll and folded the ends shut. You can also put treats in the scrunched up paper balls and then pop those inside the toilet roll.
  • Small cardboard boxes are great for tearing apart to get to the treats inside.
  • Egg boxes can be used like small cardboard boxes or you can hide treats under paper within the boxes. If you want to make it really hard, try putting treats in the paper balls and then putting those in an eggbox before closing it.
  • Finally, the cups. Try putting treats under one cup but laying out three. Encourage your dog to sniff out the treats from under the correct cup. You can increase difficulty by adding more cups.

We hope you have lots of fun with these ideas, we’d love for you to Tweet and Instagram your pics and videos to us especially any new ideas you come up with!

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