A day in the life of the Dog School Edinburgh Head Coach

By Jessica Colson | a day in the life, head coach, training, coach

Julie is responsible for providing Dog Training classes throughout Edinburgh and the Lothians. 

I first became involved with Dogs Trust over ten years ago when I joined as a canine carer. The philosophy I shared with the charity to improve the welfare and quality of life for dogs as well as the internal learning opportunities resulted in my promotion to Training & Behaviour Advisor at their West Calder centre. My day to day work involved designing and implementing training programmes that ranged from teaching basic manners such as walking nicely on a lead to rehabilitating dogs that came to us with more serious behavioural problems such as fears, anxieties.  

I remained in this role up until 2015 when I was offered the opportunity to develop a new initiative to promote positive training methods throughout central Scotland. My day to day work now involves delivering training classes to Rescue dogs, Adult dogs and teaching new owners how to handle and train their new Puppy. 

A typical day with Dog School gets started with a short meeting with the team.  Then it is time to catch up on emails with owners looking to book into a class.  We have anything from ten to fifteen classes running per week and are often booking dogs in months in advance!  

Throughout the day I work closely with the team to evaluate the progress of the dogs currently working in class as well as catching up with some of our previous client’s progress. 

Most afternoons I provide one to one training sessions with owners who need a little extra help. This can be anything from helping a new dog settle in and adapt to their new environment, to channeling excess energy into activities and improving their recall.  

The evenings find me in the training hall delivering our courses tailored for puppies, adults or rescue dogs.   

It is sometimes a long day but it is endlessly diverting, tremendously satisfying and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I have a busy life outside work, I enjoy walking with my own dog Tess, a crossbreed who I rehomed from Dogs Trust 11 years ago.  I enjoy reading (about dogs!).  Probably the only part of my life which has nothing to do with dogs is my obsession with science fiction, keeping me glued to the box and helping me unwind in the evening.

I am lucky to work with a great team at Dog School, we all work towards the day when all dogs can enjoy a happy life, free from the threat of unnecessary destruction.