A novel new venue for training!

by Fiona Sincalir // June 2017

A novel new venue for training!

As well as classes in Edinburgh, the Dog School Edinburgh team visit the West Calder Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre every Tuesday to spread a little training magic. We hold two classes a week in the training barn there. The centre is closed to the public on Tuesdays so this is the best day for us to be there – but of course it’s also the best day for some of the other events the centre hosts. So when the training barn was needed to hold a ‘thank you’ BBQ for the fantastic Dogs Trust volunteers, Centre Manager Susan suggested we run our Dog School classes in the reception area. We jumped at the chance to add a little variety to our class because of course it’s essential to practice your training in different locations. We had to lay out the room very differently and the dogs had to work in new spaces and with different barriers. Some even had to work much closer to the other dogs. But they did us proud!


Our adult dogs were on week three of their training so we set up reception like a café, with tables and chairs for each dog and their family. The dogs took the chance to show off how well they had learned to focus on their owners, even with all the distractions and how good they are at being calm in a busy place surrounded by other dogs and people.

Here’s Dex demonstrating a wonderful settle. This is a dog who feels a little worried around other dogs and people but he is gradually learning to cope because he knows he is safe settling on his mat. Well done Dex!

At the end of the class we even managed to take our ‘wait’ training outside into the carpark and practice getting the dogs in and out of their cars. Thanks Susan for the great offer, but be warned, we might just be bothering you again for another class in reception!