A FIRST Day in the life of a Senior Coach!

by Fiona Sinclair // April 2017

So it’s Day 1 of my new life as Senior Coach, Dog School Edinburgh!  After two previous careers and ten years of building my dog knowledge and experience, I finally have a great new job with the biggest and best dog charity – a real dream come true!  It’s my first day in the office, my new uniform is waiting and after a quick change I’m raring to go! Head Coach Julie and I get down to business and I finally get my paws on….computer systems, payment systems, emails, seminars…….hang on, where are the dogs?

 But of course, that is all the stuff we need to do in the background to make the Dog School run smoothly, and to spread the message about the work of Dog School.  I learn that we don’t just work with dog owners to help them train their dogs but we also offer advice and training for vet practices, so that they can support their dog owning clients too, and we review some of that work together.  It’s 6 o’clock and at last, we head to West Calder to see some dogs!  We run two evening classes; one for puppies and one for adult dogs and as we put the dogs and owners through their paces, I remember what it’s all about at Dog School – helping owners understand their dogs.  It’s a real treat to watch owners have those lightbulb moments with new behaviours they are working on.  And this week, our volunteers set to work to make a snuffle mat, which we proudly show off in class.  Scattered with treats, the mat is a great way to keep dogs busy as they snuffle around to find the rewards.  In class the mat was expertly tested (and approved!) by a very willing nose on legs – Springador Alfie.

 What fun, I can’t wait for tomorrow!