Joining Team Purple

by Laura McCormack // April 2018

On 26 Feb, the beast from the east blew me straight into Essex Dog School. What a week to get started! The snow caused absolute havoc but we soldiered through, although having to shift some classes around, we made it work. Six weeks in and I’ve booked on several dogs, had a go at teaching and been involved in presentations.

Having started as a canine carer, working with some of the more colourful dogs at the Basildon Rehoming Centre, transitioning to a Dog School coach made perfect sense. I saw the job advertised and realised that would be just the change that I needed. It was time for a new challenge and I needed to step out of my comfort zone. I couldn’t be more pleased that I got the job!

I have three dogs at home at home, which helps as I get to practice the exercises on each of them. Naturally, being three small terriers they all react differently whenever we practice the training…they like to keep me on my toes!

I am loving life on team purple, no two classes are ever the same. It has been so rewarding watching dogs come in at week one and seeing them transform through the weeks. I have loved nothing more than watching the dogs work things out for themselves and see how much more confident they leave our classes. My favourites have been the cheeky ‘Adolescent’s’, pushing the boundaries to see what Mum & Dad will let them away with!

I am looking forward to seeing what new dogs the future brings – the future is bright, the future is purple!

For more information about the Dog School Essex classes please fill in an enquiry form or contact one of the team on the number below.

Tel 01268 535047