Seeing Ezra!

by Shaun Bater // February 2018

Since joining Dog School Essex in May 2017 I’ve had the opportunity to meet many wonderful owners and assist with training their awesome dogs, Ezra is one of the latest Dog School graduates to melt my heart.

Ezra is a stunning wirehaired Vizsla with big ambitions for the future. Penny has taken on the role of puppy rearing Ezra who has dreams of becoming a fully qualified Seeing Dog, helping a blind member of the community achieve greater personal mobility and independence. 


Ezra is in safe hands with Penny who has worked with the guide dogs for the blind for many years and more recently taking on the role of puppy rearing. Ezra will stay with Penny for the first year of his life before the more focused training begins and hopefully he can follow in Eszters paws and become one of the few wirehaired Vizsla seeing dogs. Eszter was originally looked after by Penny and was the first wirehaired Viszla to qualify as a seeing dog in the UK. Eszter now spends her time relaxing at home with Penny, passing on tips and pointers to Ezra.

When Ezra arrived in class he was a little worried, the sights and smells in the training hall were all new to him and he had to be brave to come to class. With a patient and understanding Penny, a quiet bay at the end of the hall, the use of the barriers, a nice bed to lay on with some familiar smells and a Kong to tuck into he soon relaxed and became very comfortable in class.

Over the weeks Ezra has gone from strength to strength taking each of the exercises in his stride. By the end of the course, Ezra was happily settling in class without a Kong, happy to watch the others in class while waiting his turn. Loose leading walking is coming along very nicely and for the off-lead recall in week 4 Ezra was the star of the show. Ezra took all the confidence items in his stride and has enjoyed mixing and greeting the others in his class.

It’s been a pleasure to meet and spend time with Penny and Ezra. We hope one-day Ezra will realise his dream of being a seeing dog and if Daniella and I and the rest of the Dog School team can have played a small part in that journey we will be immensely proud.

Good luck in the future Ezra! And please drop us a paw occasionally and show us how you’re getting on.


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