Schools out for summer! But not just yet

by Shaun Bater // July 2018

Just as the children thought they were finished for summer along comes Dog School Essex to put a spanner in the works.

No time to relax and chill out when you could be coming along to our free educational training sessions  

Working for Dog School Essex is such a privilege and during the summer months, we get the opportunity to meet and train the future generation of dog owners! Passing on some keys skills and the Dog School ethos to children aged 6 – 13.

Dog School Essex provide these training sessions for free. The sessions last for approximately 90 minutes and are held at two different venues through the summer. They’re at the Dogs Trust in Basildon and the Freight house in Rochford. Starting at 1 pm.

The sessions are fun, interactive but also have some key messages to help educate your child in and around dogs.

The classes are:

Fun! - Basic training with your dog which may include clicker training, recall, they may even learn a trick or two. We may even see the next budding Rachel Kitson through our ranks.

Provide key safety messages - How your child should behave in and around their own dog, basic handling, basic body language, what to do if you’re approached by an unknown dog in the park, how to greet other dogs in the park and other useful tips.

Interactive - We love questions and audience participation. We want you to enjoy the classes as much as we do.

Shaun Bater Coach at Dog School Essex said: I loved being part of the education training sessions. The classes provide excellent information on how to interact with your own and a foundation of training in a fun and light-hearted way. It’s great to interact with the youngsters, they pick up clicker training quicker than the adults! Kids seem to really enjoy training their dogs, and who can blame them! It’s great to pass on the Dog School message and ethos to future generations.


 For further information and to book a place please contact the Dog School Essex team on 01268 535047