Dog School Essex' New Recruits

by Shaun Bater // June 2017

Dog School Essex' New Recruits

Essex Dog School has recently added two new coaches to the team. Both are settling in well and enjoying the varied and rewarding role. It has been a steep learning curve with both new coaches assisting with classes, presentations, booking owners and dogs on classes and answering queries.

Daniella grew up on a farm in South Africa surrounded by a large family of rescue dogs. A world away from home, her love for dogs grew when she adopted her gorgeous Staffie ‘Summer’ shortly after moving to the UK. She completed several dog related diploma courses out of interest in understanding the new love of her life better.

Before long she had joined the Canine Carer team opening the Dogs Trust Basildon Centre in 2014. Of course she fell in love with one of the first dogs through the doors, a Staffie called ‘Edgar’ – and then there were two. Daniella remained a Canine Carer at the Basildon Centre until she joined Dog School in 2017

Shaun currently shares his home with his family and 3 dogs: Quiz, Marley and Wilma. After many years listening to his wife and friends discussing everything dog related from sports, to behavior, to training he decided if you can’t beat them join them. He attended the APDT foundation course in 2015 just for interest, wanting to gain a little more knowledge; this sparked an interest that has continued since. Attending many courses, assisting with classes and finally taking the plunge and applying to join the Dog School Team.

Shaun saw the advert to join Dog School Essex and jumped at the opportunity. After 20 years in his previous career, the interview, if he got one would give him some much needed experience. A few weeks later he was really excited and pleased to be offered the job and joined the training team.