Alfie the Retriever

By Jessica Colson | retriever, puppy, success, learn, recall

Hi Hannah/Dave


Just wanted to thank you for the help and guidance you have given in the puppy training classes over the last 5 weeks.


The training has been very informative and enjoyable for both me and Alfie.  Reading books and obtaining online guidance is fine but nothing like the hands on approach to fully understand the best way to achieve the best results. Your advice on the best leads and harness to use has also been a great help.


The informal Doggy Olympics we had on the last lesson was great fun and I was obviously very proud of Alfie when he did the best time and we couldn't wait to show his rosette to the family. See photo attached.


At the weekend I took Alfie for a long walk and it was his first time off the lead.  Although in the middle of a field with no distractions, he responded to "Alfie Come" on every occasion, sometimes being quite a distance away which was very satisfying. Also walking through a high street he behaved very well when approached by people who wanted to stroke him.  Considering he has not yet turned 5 months, he has come so far and learnt so much.  It has also been a big learning curve for me and certainly enforces the fact that it is as much the owner's responsibility as it is the dog's to achieve results.


The puppy training has been excellent and I look forward to the next set of classes.  Obviously its still work in progress, but it will be great to continue to learn new things with your continued advice, support and instruction and for Alfie to continue to enjoy it.  I would have no hesitation in recommending the Essex Dog School to friends and family.


Many thanks to you and the team